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Gypsy05 Creates Capsule Collection in Honor of Earth Day Using Organic Dyes

Gypsy05 has always prided itself in being a brand that holds environmental awareness as a core philosophy.  By incorporating organic fabrics, and low impact dyes, in addition to operating at a solar-powered manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, the brand is actively practicing more eco-friendly production and manufacturing methods every day. 

In honor of Earth Day Gypsy05 designer Andreana Raville, alongside CEO Dotan conceptualized a unique project to further mark this day which holds significance to us and to many consumers that have become loyal to the Gypsy05 brand for this reason.

Andreana and Dotan decided to create a capsule collection with the help of Pacific Blue Dye House. The process would involve using plants and twigs to create natural dyes for a special Earth Month edition of our most popular cut of cotton maxi dresses.

They experimented with cutch, madder root, and osage all pictured below to create beautiful dyes. The process requires that the roots, bark, and powder soak in hot water overnight for roughly an 18 hour period. Afterwards the solution is strained, and the fabric which has been pre-washed and prepared to dye by adding alum and cream of tartar is tied to our desired tie-dye design. The fabric soaks in this the dye and is left overnight. It is later washed and dried and becomes the final product.

                                                 adding Madder Root to beakers of boiled water
                                         adding Osage shavings to beakers of boiled water
                                             adding Cutch to beakers of boiled water
                                                                      straining the solution
                                                                    the final organic dye products
                             rubber banding the garments to prep for a unique dye process
                                               adding the solution to the tied garment
       models Heidi Edwards of NEXT Model Management & Kalia Prescott of Ford Models on set of our last
                               photoshoot in their capsule collection Organic Maxi Dresses

                                 Gypsy05's final product - Earth Day Organic Maxi -  available at $139
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