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Style 101: Accessorize your Maxi Dress

The current chilly season has brought on quite the dilemma for the maxi lovers in us. As we're still trying to hang on the last bits of warmth that LA can offer us, we just can't quite seem to put away our favorite maxi dress to the back of the closet just yet. 

Luckily, we've figured out how to prolong our beloved warm-weather style just a little bit longer. See our picks for ways to accessorize and layer up the Organic Maxi Dress.

1. Printed Clutches and Bags: Prints are always in trend and there's no better way to liven up a look than by adding standout accessories. For the perfect Fall/Winter bag, choose a print and color base that is darker and more muted. Whether it's a handy clutch or a roomy shoulder bag, printed accessories are a great way to add a little bit of personality and quirkiness to your look.
2. Scarves: Need we say more? Scarves are a surefire way to keeping cozy and warm during the cold season. Whether it's knitted, printed, or silk, a scarf can add dimension to your outfit. Being lightweight and portable definitely is an added bonus, too!
3. Shawls and Wraps: Layering your maxi dress with your favorite silk wrap or knit shawl instantly makes your summer favorite practical and wearable in cooler temps. For a dinner date in your maxi, try a printed silk wrap to wear while indoors. For a day full of window shopping, layer on a thicker and comfortable shawl for ease of movement and extra warmth from the biting winds. 
4. Vests: Vests are a great way to add depth to your look. Gone are the days of grandpa sweater vests as these understated silhouettes have returned in full effect. From faux fur to leather, vests can show off great detail and can play to whatever mood you're in. Try this festive Teagan Coin Vest over your basic tee for a fun and chic accent to your neutral look.
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