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Alessandra Ambrosio tours Columbia in Gypsy 05

With the annual Victoria Secret's fashion show having just passed, it looks like Alessandra Ambrosio is ready to take a break. The jet-setting mom recently toured the country of Columbia wearing the Gypsy 05 Gili Silk Maxi Dress in Navy/Yellow. As one of our biggest fans, Alessandra always finds a suitable occasion to wear her beloved Gypsy 05 pieces. The lightweight and soft silk material is smooth and comfortable to the touch, making any adventure you undertake that much more fun and exciting! 

The Gili Silk Maxi Dress has varying horizontal stripes, dip-dyed to give off a unique and eye-catching pattern that is both wearable and fashionable!

Strut the streets like Alessandra Ambrosio in your very own Gypsy 05 Gili Maxi Dress
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