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Nicky Hilton runs errands in LA wearing Gypsy 05

The younger Hilton sister is spotted wearing Gypsy 05 while running errands in Los Angeles on November 2nd. Nicky Hilton is wearing the Big in Japan Tee as she picks up her newly dry-cleaned clothes while talking on her cell phone. The socialite has a special affinity for Japan in her heart, having designed a line of handbags for Japenese company Samantha Thavasa just before graduating from high school. The budding fashion designer is a big Gypsy 05 fan, having worn pieces of the line to red carpet events or just while strolling around LA. As a California native, Nicky Hilton definitely stays true to her cool and beachy SoCal roots by wearing local and eco-friendly brand Gypsy 05!

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