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Fashion Show Models visiting Gypsy 05 HQ and having a ball!!

Los Angeles Fashion Week Models visiting Gypsy 05 and having a ball!!


So... everyone remembers the amazing Gypsy 05 fashion show right? The LA Fashion Week Fall Winter 2011 Fashion show? Well, the amazing, gorgeous, fabulous models that walked the runway of the show graced us with there presence here at the warehouse last week!  We gave them a little tour and had them personally picked out some items. When they saw the warehouse their eyes became enormous and their mouths dropped, it was like they were in a dream; the dream of endless rows of fabulous clothes! The Gypsy 05 team met the models, showed them around, and just had a grand old time. The amazing Amelia struck a pose with one of the models who showed up wearing our fabulous Gypsyz footwear! You can find all the Gypsyz here: 

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