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Behind The Scenes With Gypsy 05: Summer '11 Campaign.

 Video by Giuliano Bekor

Feast your eyes on the gorgeous behind-the-scenes video footage from our most recent campaign shoot. The colors, the most precious farm animals...oh and who could forget about the fashion!? Our newest collections in all their glory. You, my Gypsys, are the lucky ones who get to see them first. These dresses aren't even out yet! Warning: you're going to want to go dance around a grassy field with your favorite Gypsy 05 dress on after you watch this.

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  • Lestie

    2/15/2011 10:18:50 PM | Reply

    Oh my GOSH  i WANT TO SO BADLY dress my two bridesmaids and two tiny flower girls in Gypsy 05 soft raw silk in pastel water colours ...... for an amazing wedding in an apple orchid ...... PLEASE HELP MY GYPSY ..... JUSTIN !