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This morning Chelsea (our newest PR intern) and myself marched our happy little selves right over to the dye house to do some tie dye! By now, I'm  sure you know we have a solar powered dye house attached to our offices, right? (If you don't, you're living comfortably under a rock, no offense).


First, we made our way into where all the dyes are kept to pick our colors. Once we were done ooh-ing and aah-ing at all the options, we went with purple, coral and turquoise. NOW I realize most of you don't have a dye house attached to your home or office so go to your local drug store and pick up garment dye if you want to play along!



Next we picked our targets. Chelsea went with a heather grey tank and I decided to go with an oversize 3/4 sleeve top.

When you're deciding where to place your tie dye patterns make sure you secure the rubber bands tightly. I mean, what's the point of tie dying if you can't see any of the patterns you made? You can even use more than one band per area to be sure it's secure enough. 



Outside we dipped, we dyed and we played around with the gorgeous colors we chose. Don't forget gloves!! Your hands will be forever stained. Make sure to wring out the garmet as much as you can prior to hanging it up to dry or it will drip all over the place. 
I'm actually surprised I'm not covered in dye at the moment. I am not a master dyer so there was plenty of dye flying around when I was making my top. This is not for the faint of heart! 
Next, we hung our tops out to dry in the sun. When they're mostly dry remove all rubber bands. After they're dry we'll stick them into the washer/dryer to be sure we don't turn shades of blue, purple and orange when we wear them.
OH! How would you like to wear one of our creations? One lucky reader will win a custom Gypsy 05 over-sized top with a never before used (and probably won't be used ever again!) dye process, made by your favorite Gypsy girls! Just leave your name and email in the comments below to be entered! Winner will be drawn on February 7th. 
SEE! We told you to wear gloves! We prematurely took our gloves off to remove the rubber bands and all of a sudden....purple and blue fingers and palms! Take it from us, keep those gloves on!

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us Hellen Araujo
February 1. 2011 18:31
Hellen Araujo
WOW, that is such a great idea. I have white tees that eventually turned into a yellow-ish color and I would love to try ths process so I can revive them! This is a great idea for tees that were ruined by bleach spots. Knowing myself if I get one little bleach spot on a shirt it's time to retire it! Now I will try doing a dye process. AWESOME! I would love to wear your creation!
Hellen Araujo

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February 1. 2011 18:47
Vanessa Grannis
Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!! Cute!! Hope to win!!

February 1. 2011 18:49
Vanessa Grannis
LOVES it!! So much fun!

us Yoonbug
February 1. 2011 19:16
I love tie-dyeing clothes! I haven't done it since high school, but you have inspired me.

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us Caitlin Frates
February 1. 2011 19:32
Caitlin Frates
I hope I win!!

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February 2. 2011 01:54
Those are pretty good DIY shirts, I tried those back in college and it was really hard to make. Good one guys!

February 2. 2011 11:50
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February 2. 2011 14:34
Odis Zietlow
Your layout for your blog is nice, im trying to write my own blog any tips?

February 3. 2011 13:43
Super cute!! Can't wait to try it myself!

February 3. 2011 13:44
Super cute!! Can't wait to try it myself!

us Denise
February 3. 2011 14:23
Aloha! I want to try this at home. Contest entry: Name - Denise Batty Email -

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us Susan
February 3. 2011 18:20
Love this-takes me back to my junior high days, but your colors are so much better than mine ever were! Smile

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us Christy
February 3. 2011 18:36
WOW....great job!!!! Hope to win Smile))

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us Erin
February 4. 2011 02:06
oooooh, i love tie-dye!!! looks like so much fun to make your own!!

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us kate
February 5. 2011 02:33
love it!

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us Erin
February 5. 2011 19:19
love it! =)

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us Zarina
February 7. 2011 11:34
How fun!!!

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