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Behind The Scenes With Gypsy 05: Pacific Blue Dye House

Photography by Melissa Manning

By now, you must know that Gypsy 05 is an eco-friendly company, right? Right. Did you know that every single thing we do is in house from design to production? Well, it's true! Pacific Blue Dye House is Gypsy 05's parent company. The dye house is on the property (I can look out my window and see it!). The talented men and women that work downstairs specialize in unique dye processes with low impact dyes in the most earth friendly way possible. In addition to all the dyes being low impact, how do we power up the dye house and our offices? Solar power, of course! After the installation at the beginning of 2010 we have been a fully functioning solar-powered company.




Whenever you get a Gypsy piece you know its completely one of a kind. No two pieces are exactly the same. Everything is dyed by hand and soaked individually, meaning the dress has already been cut and sewn prior to dying the fabric. If you're buying a tie-dyed piece, all the rubber bands are put individually on each dress, by hand. It's pretty amazing to know that no one else in the world will have the exact same dress as you.



After your dress goes through the dye process, it gets washed and dried. Wouldn't it be so convenient to have a dryer that big at your house to do your laundry? I wouldn't mind it. I mean, 3 people can hang out in there comfortably. Sometimes I eat my lunch in it. Just kidding, I don't, but maybe I should...

Sometimes, we don't even use the dryers. Garments occasionally get dry in the warm California sun, our best resource! After each piece is dry, it's ready to be tagged, bagged and sent out.


Our solar panels are the only things that soak up the sun. The leaders of our pack, Dotan and Osi, catch a few rays with the help of the panels.