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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Thread Celebrates "Boho-Chic" with Embroidered Peasant Tops and Maxi-Dresses

Welcome to the second episode of The Thread,  Shine’s brand new show about celebrity style, fashion tricks and where to get trends for less. This week we’re obsessed with two things: Amanda Seyfried’s boho chic tops in Mamma Mia and this summer’s unexpected staple, the maxi dress.  

Take a look.

LC has her own line of clothes now, and her designs are on the higher end of what you might pay for a maxi-dress. The “Zoe” and “Christine” styles are both priced just over 200.00 through Lauren’s site. At half the price, we found Gypsy 05 and their organic collection of maxi-dresses for only 100.00 (a ton of celebrities have this dress - - I love mine too.) And there’s really no excuse to at least give a maxi-dress a try, especially when you can get the very adorable pink one we showed from Target for only 22.00 - - that’s just a ridiculous price for great fashion. Love it.

Thanks for checking out The Thread. We'll be back again next week to tell you how to get Natasha Bedingfield’s corset belt form her music video “Pocket Full of Sunshine” and a look at the stars embracing menswear-inspired vests. In the meantime, if there's anything you see that you'd like us to help you find, post some comments below or send me an email to