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Gypsy 05 Pre-Black Friday Sale Happening Now!!

Gypsy 05 Pre-Black Friday Sale Happening Now!!

We invite our Gypsy 05 Fans to the Pre-Black Friday Sale. We feel you all deserve to shop a little sooner. ;) Take advantage of the sale that starts today and runs through to Monday 11/28. Shop Once, Twice, even Three times! Don't Wait in line... Go Online!!


Fashion Show Models visiting Gypsy 05 HQ and having a ball!!

Los Angeles Fashion Week Models visiting Gypsy 05 and having a ball!!


So... everyone remembers the amazing Gypsy 05 fashion show right? The LA Fashion Week Fall Winter 2011 Fashion show? Well, the amazing, gorgeous, fabulous models that walked the runway of the show graced us with there presence here at the warehouse last week!  We gave them a little tour and had them personally picked out some items. When they saw the warehouse their eyes became enormous and their mouths dropped, it was like they were in a dream; the dream of endless rows of fabulous clothes! The Gypsy 05 team met the models, showed them around, and just had a grand old time. The amazing Amelia struck a pose with one of the models who showed up wearing our fabulous Gypsyz footwear! You can find all the Gypsyz here: 

Gypsyz by Gypsy 05 in Twinkle by Wenlan First LA Fashion Show!

Gypsyz by Gypsy 05 worn in Twinkle by Wenlan LA First Fashion Show for LA Fashion Week.

We don't know how much you guys have seen of our Gypsyz but they are awesome and we aren't the only ones who think so! Even other fashion designers used them in their fashion shows!  Take a look at the pictures above to see them being used in the Twinkle by Wenlan First LA Fashion Show.  They go perfectly with these oufits and pretty much anything else, they have even been worn on the red carpet! Click on the photos above to purchase those particular Gypsyz and you can find all kinds of colors and patterns on our website here:

Gypsy 05's Blog Roundup!


Kelsi Smith is no stranger to Gypsy 05. We got to spend some quality time with her at the Grammy Style Studio this past week, where she was live-blogging on site. I'm so happy she stopped by our suite to give us some love, especially her being in the Emma Silk Maxi! How bronzed and gorgeous does she look? 

Ashlan Gorse from E! News stopped by when Kelsi was in our suite, so she could try her cream Gypsyz on for size. We hope to see so much more of both these lovely ladies.  



 Erica from Sweets & Hearts is another familiar face we were happy to see stop by. She loved all of the bright colors in the newest lines. We're so excited for all of these to come out! 

Sundance: Celebrity Favorites


Some of our favorite Hollywood boys and girls managed to barely keep warm this week in Park City. It was rough! 29 degrees? I'm surprised we all didn't arrive back in icicles. Luckily, the Gypsy 05 team came prepared with scarves and Gypsyz. Some of our biggest fans this week were Aubrey O'Day, Shwayze, Pussycat Dolls and Scott Wolf.

Heading to the mountains? Take a page from your favorite celebs and cozy up in Gypsy 05.  


Park City's Shoe Tree.

Park City's Shoe Tree.


On our first day in Park City we discovered the famous shoe tree. All shapes, sizes and colors are hung on each and every branch. It's one of the coolest things about this city and we just had to contribute to the masterpiece. With our sole being biodegradable and overall causing 0 harm to the environment, our contribution to this incredible piece of art was quite green!