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Tori Spelling Walking her Goat in Gypsy 05's Kate Mini Dress

Tori Spelling taking her pet goat for a walk with son Liam wearing Gypsy 05's Kate Silk Ruffle Mini Dress.

Okay its probably not something that you would see anywhere besides Hollywood but our good buddy Tori Spelling was out yesterday walking her pet goat(yes that's right we said goat) with her son Liam.  We are kinda struggling with that one.  We do have to say the goat is super cute! She looked amazing as always and totally comfy in our Kate Silk Ruffle Mini Dress! She switched things up on this on though and belted it to make it more of a tunic and paired it with one of her favorite jeans. We think you guys are gonna love it so much we put it on pre-sale so you can order it early and get it as soon as the stores do.  Place your order here:

Tori Spelling Follows up With Liam's Doctor in Gypsy 05

We here at Gypsy 05 are very proud to be a high-end fashion line that makes comfortable clothes! We are pleased that our friend Tori Spelling put on our Olivia Asymmetrical Tee when she went to follow up with her son Liam's doctor after he had a nasty fall because we are glad that we could provide a little bit of solace in her hour of need by giving Tori something cute and comfortable to wear. (Wow we sound super pretentious but we really are happy to provide people with comfortable fashion) The good news is that Liam is gonna be just fine!

If you like Tori's tee you can find it here: