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Joel McHale Wearing Gypsy 05's Crescent Moon Henley to TCA's!

Joel McHale Wearing Gypsy 05's Crescent Moon Henley to present at the Teen Choice Awards!

Funnyman Joel McHale wore Gypsy 05's Crescent Moon Henley in Sage to the Teen Choice Awards! We love him on "The Soup" and "Community" and you can see him with two other Gypsy 05 buddies, Alexa Vega and Jessica Alba in SpyKids 4D! He looked like quite the hottie in this fitted henley. If you want to be this funny and cool you really need to get one for yourself here:

Joel McHale Trying On Some Gypsy 05 for the Teen Choice Awards!

Joel McHale trying on some of his favorite Gypsy 05 pieces for the Teen Choice Awards


Joel in Gypsy 05's Beck Sweater        Joel in Gypsy 05's Hoodie


Joel McHale, comedian/actor, is known from his hosting duties on "The Soup" on E! and his acting in "Community" on NBC but who knew he was such an awesome fashion model.  We are thinking he should do it full time! If you want to at least look like Joel, cause it may be hard to be as cool as Joel, you can pick up some of the Gypsy 05 pieces that he really liked in his fitting for the Teen Choice Awards.  Stay tuned because Joel came back for more and wore a really cool piece to the Teen Choice Awards! 


Joel in Gypsy 05's Phys Ed Sweatshirt Joel in Gypsy 05's Vendetta Tee


Daphne Zuniga wearing Gypsy 05 in Coco Eco Magazine

Daphne Zuniga wearing Adela 3/4 Sleeve Top in Tree in Coco Eco Magazine's July/August Issue!

Inside the pages of Coco Eco the eco-chic e-magazine that celebrates sustainable fashion, beauty and celebrity causes, One Tree Hill's Daphne Zuniga expresses her thoughts and shares her actions toward living a sustainable lifestyle and repairing the damage our earth has suffered. "Imagine that you had to live in your house and could never leave, and everything you used you couldn't throw away and had to keep in your house. EVERYTHING. That's what the planet is like." 

In true 'green' form, Daphne wore eco friendly Gypsy 05's Adela 3/4 Sleeve Top in Tree.  Since opening our doors in 2005 Gypsy 05 has lived green, we use eco-friendly dye processes and conserve energy by using solar panels to power our factory. 

Daphne's Adela 3/4 Sleeve Top in Tree won't be coming out until the beginning of November but we might be putting it on presale so check back here for updates! 

Actress Sally Pressman in Gypsy 05 Checkerboard Maxi

Actress Sally Pressman of Lifetime Television chilling in New York in Gypsy 05 Checkerboard Silk Maxi.

Actress Sally Pressman of Lifetime's "Army Wives" was spotted in New York wearing Gypsy 05's Checkerboard Silk Maxi Dress in Dark Grey.  She looked stunning in this dress that has become one of our most popular with our celebrity friends!  It's a perfect dress for the New York Summer and you can pick one up on our website here:


Adrianna Costa of Extra TV in Gypsy 05!

Adrianna Costa of Extra TV showing Gypsy 05 some love!
The gorgeous and talented Adrianna Costa of Extra TV has recently become a firm fan of Gypsy 05 and has been wearing Gypsy 05 on the show.  In the above video you can see her in the Kate Silk Ruffle Tube Maxi Dress interviewing Rachel Uchitel.  She looks beautiful and we are always excited to see our clothes on TV!  Below we have a screenshot from the interview along with a picture of Adrianna in our Taylor Tank Mini Dress that she sent our way. 

Stephen Lunsford Wearing Gypsy 05 to the Kids Choice Awards!

Our buddy Stephen Lunsford wore Gypsy 05's Gamma Long Sleeve to the Kids Choice Awards over the weekend and he looked great! The Gemma is an awesome shirt but it won't be here until middle of June, keep checking back here because we may put it on presale for you guys! You can check out all our current long sleeves here: He was chilling on the red carpet with Erin Sanders of Nickelodeons popular show "Big Time Rush".  They make quite a cute couple, don't they? 

Stephen is a great guy and he actually came down and visited with us last week.  He's quite the comedian as you can see from the picture below of him goofing around with our CEO Dotan Shoham!  He was also kind enough to pose for a picture with all the girls at the warehouse! You can catch Stephen on ABC's "Private Practice" or his new movie with Dennis Quaid "Beneath the Darkness" which is due to be released this Halloween. 

Dotan and Stephen duking it out in our warehouse! 

Stephen surrounded by a bevy of beauties!