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Celebs Love Gypsy05 Foundation Lounge Drawstring Pants!

Take Mad Men actress, January Jones, for example; she is wearing Gypsy 05 Foundation Lounge Easy Drawstring Pant while out and about over the weekend with son, Xander. The star is stylishly comfortable in the slouchy pants with some flip flops and a v-neck tee. BTW, you can have some fun in these sweatpants too! Just add a high heel, seriously!  

Celebrities Love... Gypsy 05

We have some great celebrity friends and some of the pieces they love are now available on the website!

Minka's Dress: Vanessa's Pants: Ale's Tank:

Brooke Burke Arriving at LAX in Gypsy 05 Sweats!

Dancing With The Stars host Brooke Burke wore Gypsy 05 Sweats to catch a flight at LAX.

Brooke Burke wanted to be comfy on her flight so what brand did she turn to? Gypsy 05 of course! She was all Gypsified in our Connect Poncho Hoodie in Grey and our Crystal Sweatpants in Grey.  We know that all the celebs in the know turn to Gypsy 05 when they want to be comfortable be it at home on the couch or on a long plane trip.  Now Brooke is a lucky girl and got our Crystal Sweatpants a little early, they will actually be coming out in November but you can get a pair of similar sweatpants here: Get yourself comfortable with our Connect Poncho Hoodie here:

Vanessa Hudgens' Gypsy 05 Weekend

Vanessa Hudgens enjoyed Gypsy 05 all weekend long!

Actress Vanessa Hudgens, had what can only be called a Gypsy 05 weekend.  Even we were a little surprised that she wore Gypsy 05 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Here's the timeline of her weekend as well as we could put it together.

Friday, Vanessa went to Homegoods and Party City wearing our very first pair of sweatpants, the Jen Sweatpants.  Vanessa looked great and comfortable a she was getting ready to celebrate something or someone; she seemed to have picked up some awesome party goodies, even giant balloon! Check out all our awesome sweatpants here:


Also on Friday, Vanessa reached out to her 3 million Facebook friends and showed off her new pixie hair cut as well as one of her newest finds from Gypsy 05, our Lupia Silk Maxi in Navy! It's not very often that celebrities express their gratitude toward their always supportive fans and we think Vanessa is very down to earth and sweet for making this video. This will be coming at the beginning of September!

On Saturday, Vanessa stepped out in our brand new Angelina Skirt in Tan to pick up some more party favors and looked all amazing and bedazzled!  We love this totally boho-beach-ready look! 


We love Vanessa's top although we think its actually a swimsuit, and Vanessa looks like she's ready for some fun! You too can get yourself ready for some fun and get the skirt on the Official Gypsy 05 website:   


Sunday was finally a relaxing day for Vanessa after all that party shopping and what is there better to do than to chill with your awesome friends at a cafe in our Love Sweatpants in Red.  We decided that these were so cool and she looked so relaxed in them that we needed to go ahead and redo them for a approximate August 20th delivery.  Pre-order yours now here: 

The little Samuel Schreiber with a whole lot of character in Gypsy 05!

Samuel Schreiber in Gypsy 05 Toddler Aaron Sweatpants in a park in New York City


How adorable is little Samuel Schreiber? It is definitely a chilly day at the Park in New York City. He looks so comfy all bundled up in his winter gear and we love his little Gypsy 05 Toddler Aaron Sweatpants for boys in grey. He looks extremely comfy and is definitely rocking the Toddler Aaron Sweatpants by the look of these pictures with his curiousness and spunk. Sammy is loving the time spent with his mother and having so much fun in his sweatpants, to get your little one a pair of these swag sweatpants go here:


Gypsy 05 Men's Sweatpants and Tee in July's MR magazine!

Gypsy 05 Men's collection Sweatpants and Tee in July issue of MR magazine.

We just found out that the Gypsy 05 Men's collection has been featured in MR magazine!  They showcased an awesome pair of sweats and a super cool tee! These are from a future collection and we will update you with more information about it as soon as we get it. We love the love!