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Standard Social wrote about Lauren Conrad's love for Gypsy 05!

Standard Social blogs about Lauren Conrad's love for Gypsy 05!

Online lifestyle and fashion publication Standard Social posted a lovely blog about how much Lauren Conrad loves Gypsy 05 and the fabulousness of our line! Lauren has been spotted in our Organic Maxi Dress, our Paloma Maxi Dress, and our Halle Maxi Dress to name a few.  You can see all her Gypsy 05 faves here: Check out the article here:

Gypsy 05 in Australian magazine New Weekly's 9/28/09 Issue

Gypsy 05 is lucky to have such a loyal and fantastic following in Australia!  We love that our spectacular Paloma and Talula Shoulderless Dress are featured in Australian magazine New Weekly's "dress of the moment" feature.  Alessandra is wearing the Talula in Black and Taylor is wearing the Paloma in Grey Rainbow.  Check them out on our website and get one for your future trip to Australia.

Paloma Shoulderless Dress:

Talula Shoulderless Dress:

Gypsy 05 Silks inside InTouch Weekly's Buzz Feature

The beautiful and lovely Bobbie Thomas has written a very nice piece about Gypsy 05 in "the Buzz" feature of InTouch Weekly magazines September 14 2009 issue.  We are thankful to have friends in high places like Bobbie!  Our beautiful Paloma Silk Shoulderless (on Taylor Momsen) and Talula Silk Shoulderless Dresses (on Alessandra Ambrosio) are pictured and can be found on our website here:
Paloma Silk Shoulderless Dress
Talula Silk Shoulderless Dress

Australian New Weekly Asks Who wore Gypsy 05's Dress Better?

Australian magazine New Weekly created an online poll between Lauren Conrad and AnnaLynne McCord about who wore Gypys 05's Paloma Silk Maxi Dress in Blue Rainbow best.  Lauren won by a landslide but we think that they both look great in the dress.  We think you will look spectacular as well so get one of these beautiful creations on our website here:

Australian Grazia article on Boho style features 3 Gypsy 05 dresses!

Australian magazine Grazia featured three Gypsy 05 dresses in an article on Boho style, "Boho Is Back!" in there August 31 2009 issue!  Did it every really go away?  We don't see how it could with pieces as beautiful as the Paloma Silk Shoulderless Dress in Grey Rainbow on Taylor Momsen, the Talula Silk Shoulderless Dress in Black on Alessandra Ambrosio, and the Paloma Silk Maxi Dress in Grey Rainbow!  These dresses don't just look fabulous on celebrities they look great on everyone! 

Pick up your own Paloma Silk Shoulderless Dress our website here:
Pick up your own Talula Silk Shoulderless Dress our website here:
Pick up your own Paloma Silk Maxi Dress our website here:

Gypsy 05 featured in WWIB in Australia's OK! Weekly

Our Paloma Maxi Dress  is getting some love down under in Australia's OK! Weekly magazine!  It was in the "Who Wore It Better" feature between AnnaLynne McCord and Lauren Conrad.  We love the international appeal and acclaim!  The dress is available right now on our website here: