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Hilary Duff leaving the pilates studio in Gypsy 05 on Friday

Hilary Duff leaving the Pilates Studio in Gypsy 05 on Friday


Hilary Duff also known as Lizzie McGuire from the TV Hit Series released some news recently about a pregnancy. Hilary went from an extremely busy individual to slowing down and preparing for mother hood, which every Hollywood star should do. She was spotted arriving and leaving the local Pilates Studio in Toluca Lake Friday 9 September wearing loose clothing to hide that baby bump. Upon her arrival to the pilates studio she was spotted in Gypsy 05's Sofia Wrap in Green. The color is perfect for her and oh so comfortable! She looks so radiant and extremely happy. We think Hilary will be a great mom. To get your comfortable Sofia Wrap for this fall go here: