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Fergie Loves Gypsyz!

Fergie from the notorious Black Eyed Peas loves her Gypsyz! So much so, that she even sent us the sweetest of notes. And, well, she's right! So comfortable, and versatile enough to wear indoors and out. (Heck, I even braved the snow in mine!). Gypsyz have created quite the buzz in tinsle-town and celebs just can't seem to get enough. Treat yourself to a pair if you haven't done so already - your feet (and you!) will feel like stars. 

What To Wear: Christmas Morning.


Dressing up is for Christmas Eve. Christmas morning? PJs! Who wants to rip through presents in a cocktail dress at 9am? I sure don't. I'd like to be just as comfy and cozy as possible.  However, cozy does not mean dumpy. Let's remember that, shall we? You don't have to sacrifice cute when you're going for comfort!

 Gypsy 05 has the ultimate selection of warm sweats and booties for your magical morning. And guess what? It's still not too late to order! Get your orders in by 3pm PST on December 23rd and have your package delivered by the 24th. (Utilizing expedited shipping).  

Take your pick from the Holly CollectionAntica and find your favorite new Gypsyz. You spent the entire month shopping for others, treat yourself!  


Oh! Don't forget to utilize our 30% off promotion before the time is up! Code: Merry10 

Dress Him Up In Gypsy 05


Haven't finished your Christmas shopping yet? Welcome to the club. Luckily for you, we've put together a stellar little gift guide to hold your hand through that whole process, and you can even do it from your couch! Hello, easy shopping! 

Picking out the perfect gift for your man can be difficult, but rest assured we've got something for everyone. The T-shirt and jeans guy, the fashion forward fella (it's OK that he takes longer to get ready than you!), and the vintage freak. Heck, you can even get the Jack Blazer for your dad! 

Peruse Gypsy 05's Holiday Gift Guide to find the perfect match for the special one in your life. 


What To Wear: A Holiday Cocktail Party



December 1st hits and your mailbox (even your inbox) is filled with invites, evites and the like from friends and family who want to see that shining face over the holidays. In a perfect world, where outfit repeating is acceptable, you could wear that same little black dress to every party and get away with it. Back in reality, you're wishing you had just a little more sparkle in your cocktail dress collection so you could be festive right along with the season. I mean, what fun is sipping eggnog and munching on Christmas cookies in that floral mini dress that has just about wore out it's welcome in your closet? No fun at all. It's time to dust off your favorite patent pumps, paint your nails with Lincoln Park After Dark and even apply that red lipstick you've been dying to try.  

So now that you've got most of your bases covered with accessories and footwear, what about the dress?  

Sometimes, a little shine goes a long way. Especially if you're wanting to compliment your cocktail dress with perhaps a metallic threaded cardigan or a sequin trimmed poncho. The Veronica collection has just enough. Metallic foiling graces the bottom of each dress, in either gun metal or gold. If you are loving the colors the collection comes in but are more of a simple gal, have no fear! Two styles come foil-free in gorgeous silhouettes. 

Looking for a bigger color pop? Perhaps a dye process while you're at it? The Lila collection comes in 5 gorgeous colors, and 7 styles. Going to a Holiday brunch? Throw on the Lila Silk Shoulderless Maxi Dress with your favorite cardi and flats. An evening gathering? Try the Lila Open Back Mini-Dress to show a little skin. 

Make sure to turn some heads this season with Gypsy 05.  

Gypsyz by Gypsy 05 Featured in Natural Health!

 We love that everyone else is just as excited about the arrival of our Gypsyz as we are. Every time we see that delivery truck pull into the lot we're like kids on Christmas! 

Natural Health jumped on the Gypsyz bandwagon in their December-January issues feature: Vital Style. They feature  eco-friendly fashion and beauty products for the fashionable girl. 

Bootie Call Tread lightly in cozy, cotton knit booties from Gypsy 05 ($109; that have a biodegradable sole. 


Well, Natural Health, we sure are treading lightly in our cozy booties over here! Have you cozied up in yours?  

Feature Staff Picks: Volume 1!


We've started some really fun new features on our blog here, and I think this one I am most excited about.  We'll be giving you a little peak in our staffers lives and personal style! All of us have our own flare and fashion sense, and Gypsy fits perfectly into each and every one of our wardrobes. I'm starting out this week with our adorable and newly-blonde marketing coordinator who is a big fan of any lace up boots, semi-sheer fabrics, vintage handbags and oxfords. Oh, did I mention that this marketing coordinator is... me? I'm featuring my picks! Surprise! 

Okay, here we go:


1. Laurel Silk Layered Skirt  in Charcoal: I am in love with minis/shorts with tights and boots or oxfords for the Fall/Winter. This color combo allows you to wear it during the day or in the evening, makes going straight to dinner or drinks from work so easy! You wouldn't even have to change! 

2.  Veronica Silk Blouson Maxi in Black: Swoon. This maxi silhouette is new for Gypsy and I can't get enough of it. With an elastic waist to blouse our or cinch with a giant leather belt it's super versatile and season appropriate. 

3. Antica Cargo Sweatpants in Ink: Ok. If you haven't tried on or purchased any of our sweatpants you are SERIOUSLY missing out. If I could pull off wearing these every single day, I totally would. 

4.  Onya Buckle Hooded Cardigan in Army: This piece is on the highest rotation in my closet. The slub wash makes it so amazingly soft and cozy, and the buckles and drape hood give it some edge and just enough detail to be able to dress it up a little bit. The entire Onya collection is just stellar. 

5. Reverse Scarf in Charcoal: First of all, our scarves got a pretty solid price slash last week. They used to be $79 and now they're only $55? Yes! The Reverse collection is my current favorite, the rich colors will carry you all the way through winter. 

6.  Snowflake Gypsyz in Coral/Grey: How cute is this color combo? With the amount of greys and neutrals in my closet, this is the perfect pop of color. 

7. Plain Gypsyz in Grey: These are going to keep my tootsies warm this weekend while my friends and I head to the mountains. At first I couldn't decide whether or not I wanted patterned or plain, then I decided...I want both!

8. Daisy Pullover Hoodie in Navy:  Not to repeat myself, but seriously? Treat yourself to one of our sweat sets. You'll be thanking me when you do. 

9. Veronica Silk Babydoll Dress in Pine: The entire Veronica collection is completely drool worthy. This sweet little dress is just so cute with tights and heels or your favorite riding boots. 


What are your favorites? Click on the names of the items to shop my picks!