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GalMeetsGlam Features Gypsy05 Calvi Mixed V-Neck High Low Dress

Popular style blogger of GalMeetsGlamJulia Engel  gets ready for a trip to Hawaii. She shares some shots while packing a Gypsy05 Calvi Mixed Silk V-Neck High Low Mini Dress and some fabulous neck-pieces she moght potentially add to the mini. The vibrant colored print and glistered gems are perfect match for a tropical date night with her hubby. We love the color blend in cobalt alligator dye and coral earrings. Speaking of cobalt and coral, this mini dress is available in those two exact colors! Shop the style and see her full IG post @JuliaEngel

Fashionista Kristen Ruhlin at the Gypsy 05 Fashion Show

Fashionista Kristen Ruhlin at the Gypsy 05 Fashion Show

Actress and fashionista Kristen Ruhlin showed off her lovely smile wearing our Layla Tube Mini Dress at the Gypsy 05 SP/SU Fashion Show on October 19th. This Charleston native began acting in her mother's production "The Kanawha Players" at an early age and continued studying theatre at Ohio State University where she changed her major to Fashion Design, eventually leading her to an internship in New York. She continues to audition but mainly focuses on expanding her love for fashion. As we can see, she was on point style-wise by wearing this Gypsy 05 comfortably dyed flowy mini dress.

To get the Layla Tube Mini Dress and other mini dress in your own collection, visit Gypsy 05 and choose from a variety of organically dyed colors and styles.

Tinsel Korey at Gypsy 05 Fashion show in Lili Overlay Top Mini Dress

Tinsel Korey @ Gypsy 05 Fashion show in Lili Mini Dress

Originally from Canada, Indie queen Tinsel Korey is best known for her character in the teen-addicted, worldwide franchise The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. The actress recently attended the Gypsy 05 Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Show in Downtown LA looking graceful in Gypsy 05’s Lili Overlay Top Mini Dress. Not only does she act on the big sreen, but Tinsel is also a talented singer/songwriter with her first music single "Letter" available now on Itunes and Amazon. We love the way this Hollywood starlet wears the Lili Mini Overlay Top Mini Dress in coral! Not only does this young lady have a great fashion sense, but she is also passionate about spending her free time traveling the country speaking and teaching Native Americans about acting and music. A girl of many talents, we're excited to see what else Tinsel does in her bright future!

To look red carpet worthy like Tinsel, grab your own Lili Overlay Top Mini Dress at now!

Nikki Reed Wearing Gypsy 05's Carine Top Running Errands

Actress and total cutie Nikki Reed wore Gypsy 05's Carine Alligator Sheer Top out running some errands around Los Angeles.

Actress and screenwriter, Nikki Reed was spotted strolling around Los Angeles in Gypsy 05's Carine Alligator Sheer Top in Rose. Nikki is a super down to earth girl, I mean she drops off her own dry cleaning and picks up her own mail, shoot she still fly's coach! We know she is good friends with Alexa Vega (who was looking smoking hot at the Teen Choice Awards, btw) and we can't imagine a sweeter pair. We love this outfit on Nikki, the shoes, the shorts and our top are all working for you girl! Sorry to say this lovely top isn't going to be available until after the beginning of December but we have some similar pieces here:

Giuliana Rancic looks dynamite in Gypsy 05's Jaclyn Silk Top

Giuliana Rancic wearing Gypsy 05's Jaclyn Tank Top on the set of E! News.

The lovely Giuliana Rancic wore Gypsy 05's Jaclyn Silk Tank in Coral on the set of E! News.  We think she looks absolutely stunning in this outfit.  This lightweight silk piece isn't available yet but will be here early in 2012.  You can find some equally amazing pieces on our website here:

Gypsy 05 in In Touch Weekly's Who Wore It Better Column!


We love it when we get press from InTouch Weekly but we can never decide when they have a "Who Wore It Better" piece.  It's like trying to decide which of your best friends is your bestest.  We will just say that our Lili Silk Ombre Maxi Dress in Coral looks fabulous on both Carmen Electra and Kristin Cavallari. You can pick up your own fabulous maker here: