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Shwayze Loves His Gypsyz!

It's official! It's still freezing. Our California blood is awfully thin for this 30 degree weather. There was a pretty sizeable snow storm yesterday, and I ran outside just long enough to snap this picture so you could see the giant snow flakes! We've managed to keep ourselves semi-warm with Gypsyz and Gypsy hoodies. Oh, and by the way, Gypsyz handle the snow well! In case anyone was wondering, I haven't worn anything else the entire time I've been here and my Gypsyz have kept me just so warm. Speaking of keeping warm....

Rap artist Shwayze and his absolutely precious Grandma stopped by our shop today to gear themselves up for the snowstorm outside. Lucky for them, Gypsyz will keep them nice and warm. The minute they put them on they were just hooked. But who isn't hooked after wearing them once? No one!