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Shannon Lucio looks amazing in Gypsy 05's Belle Wrap Maxi Dress

Shannon lucio looks amazing in Gypsy 05's Belle Wrap Maxi Dress
The gorgeous Shannon Lucio, who looked absolutely radiant in the Gypsy 05 Belle Wrap Maxi Dress in Charcoal, was featured as the one who wore it better in the recent issue of OK Magazine. In our opinion, Brooke Burke and Shannon both were breathtaking in this dress! To get your Belle Wrap Maxi Dress in various colors go to!
The necklace on Shannon Lucio was made by Paul Guillemett. Visit for more information.

Brooke Burke Shines in Gypsy 05!

Brooke Burke Shines in Gypsy 05!

The amazing Brooke Burke shines not only as co-host of Dancing with the Stars but also as she poses radiantly in Gypsy 05! The gorgeous supermodel mom was spotted looking stunningly elegant as she wore Gypsy 05’s Belle Wrap Maxi Dress in Navy. It looks like Brooke decided to skimp out on the accessories for this lovely dress, opting for an intricately beaded purse only. Brooke looks absolutely chic, sexy, and stylish in the Belle Wrap Maxi Dress! The beautiful ombre effect combined with the easy comfort of the silk makes this dress a stunner no matter where you wear it! Previously worn on the red carpet by Shannon Lucio, it seems like the stars have a new favorite Gypsy 05 maxi! 

Pre-order your Bell Wrap Maxi Dress to be the belle of the ball wherever you wear it! Visit to pick up yours now!

Beverley Mitchell Walks the Red Carpet in Gypsy 05

Beverley Mitchell Steps into the Red Carpet in Gypsy…

Beverley Mitchell joined other celebrity Gypsy 05 fans at our October 19th Style Fashion Week LA show. Beverley is listed as one of our most loyal fans, looking great while rocking our clothes from red carpet events or while running errands in Los Angeles. This special night was no exception! The former 7th Heaven actress showed off her beautiful style in Gypsy 05’s Carine Ruffle Tube Maxi Dress in Blue. This dress is easy, airy, and delicate with ruffles and layers adding an extra bit of sophistication and feminity to your outfit. It is also a dress that went perfectly well with the new collection’s airy and bohomeian theme. This tie-dyed dress has an assymetrical hemline showing off the legs in the front and trailing to the back with the longer length. Great Choice Beverley! 


To look red carpet ready like Beverley, grab your own Carine Ruffle Tube Dress on pre-sale today!

Vanessa Hudgens' Gypsy 05 Weekend

Vanessa Hudgens enjoyed Gypsy 05 all weekend long!

Actress Vanessa Hudgens, had what can only be called a Gypsy 05 weekend.  Even we were a little surprised that she wore Gypsy 05 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Here's the timeline of her weekend as well as we could put it together.

Friday, Vanessa went to Homegoods and Party City wearing our very first pair of sweatpants, the Jen Sweatpants.  Vanessa looked great and comfortable a she was getting ready to celebrate something or someone; she seemed to have picked up some awesome party goodies, even giant balloon! Check out all our awesome sweatpants here:


Also on Friday, Vanessa reached out to her 3 million Facebook friends and showed off her new pixie hair cut as well as one of her newest finds from Gypsy 05, our Lupia Silk Maxi in Navy! It's not very often that celebrities express their gratitude toward their always supportive fans and we think Vanessa is very down to earth and sweet for making this video. This will be coming at the beginning of September!

On Saturday, Vanessa stepped out in our brand new Angelina Skirt in Tan to pick up some more party favors and looked all amazing and bedazzled!  We love this totally boho-beach-ready look! 


We love Vanessa's top although we think its actually a swimsuit, and Vanessa looks like she's ready for some fun! You too can get yourself ready for some fun and get the skirt on the Official Gypsy 05 website:   


Sunday was finally a relaxing day for Vanessa after all that party shopping and what is there better to do than to chill with your awesome friends at a cafe in our Love Sweatpants in Red.  We decided that these were so cool and she looked so relaxed in them that we needed to go ahead and redo them for a approximate August 20th delivery.  Pre-order yours now here: 

Ariana Grande looking gorgeous in Gypsy 05

Ariana Grande looking beautiful in Gypsy 05's Lulu Jumpsuit in Navy Ombre.

The gorgeous Ariana Grande was spotted in Gypsy 05 again. We love the fact that she is such a fan. We <3 her! Ariana was chilling in New York City when this picture was taken, is that perhaps Central Park in the background? This Lulu Silk Jumper in Navy Ombre is the perfect New York Summer outfit!  Get yours on our easy-to-use website here:

Daphne Zuniga wearing Gypsy 05 in Coco Eco Magazine

Daphne Zuniga wearing Adela 3/4 Sleeve Top in Tree in Coco Eco Magazine&#39;s July/August Issue!

Inside the pages of Coco Eco the eco-chic e-magazine that celebrates sustainable fashion, beauty and celebrity causes, One Tree Hill's Daphne Zuniga expresses her thoughts and shares her actions toward living a sustainable lifestyle and repairing the damage our earth has suffered. "Imagine that you had to live in your house and could never leave, and everything you used you couldn't throw away and had to keep in your house. EVERYTHING. That's what the planet is like." 

In true 'green' form, Daphne wore eco friendly Gypsy 05's Adela 3/4 Sleeve Top in Tree.  Since opening our doors in 2005 Gypsy 05 has lived green, we use eco-friendly dye processes and conserve energy by using solar panels to power our factory. 

Daphne's Adela 3/4 Sleeve Top in Tree won't be coming out until the beginning of November but we might be putting it on presale so check back here for updates!