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BTS Gypsy05 Fall/Holiday Look book

  This week we stepped into a hidden haven tucked away in Abbot Kinney to shoot our fall/holiday 2015 look book.

  Stepping through the Zen garden you’ll find yourself in a tropical oasis, feeling like you’re in a Tibetan jungle. Decorated with Chinese drums and Asian-Indian architectural flare, statues of Buddha and Ganesh lace the altars, completed by not only meditation and yoga studio, but a rooftop deck overlooking the Pacific.

Our beautiful muses AshleyRachel, Jill , and photograher Silke Labson explored the views and temples, cozying up in their Gypsy wear on the couch for total relaxation and reflection.

Keep an eye out, this collection launches as early as July!


Margaux Perrier  

Gypsy Hues

Summer is qucikly approaching, and we did not waist anytime letting this gorgeous weather disappear from us.
We snuck out with Sivanayla and got lost in the beautiful California air to explore all that hides around us. 
Exploring alley ways full of greenery, Sivan paired her Azami Hi Lo dress with some open toe strappy heals
and a beautiful statement necklace.  Shading herself from the sunny rays she topped off her look with a white fedora.   
Explore Gypsy Souls. 

Festival Round Up

Coachella weekend is over, but Festival season is just getting started!
Here we have a few of our Gypsy babes spotted in some killer outfits.   
Soaking up all Coachella, mega babe Mel paired her Sawai Romper as she "Chellaxed" with her bestie. 
Making all memories last Corina and Paulina rocked our Harsh Maxi and our Quince Mini to snap a photo that will last forever. <3  
Saying goodbye to Coachella is never fun, but Taye sure does it with style in our Sarasvati Caftan. 
Pool side chilling, Alex paired our Briar Maxi Skirt with a cute detailed belt and an airy Crop top while she soaked up all the sun.   
Boho babe Jill Wallace caught some shade in her wide brim hat and out Kama Maxi
surrounded by all the beautiful palm trees the dessert offered. 
 Dessert babe Linh found some shade from the Palm Springs heat and cooled off in our Quince Jumper.
The Coachella Neon Carnival was where iamfashionlaine was spotted near
the famous Moon Man in our Desha Bikini Top and our Mantar Pants.   
Shani and her gorgeous sister were spotted under the electic Butterfly in
our Prana Swim soaking up all the sun and the music.  

Desert Dwelling

Boho babe Lucy Page took our Sarasvasti Caftan out for some desert fun! This white hot look is perfect for any spring or summer day!

Festival Daze

  Desert + Cattleya collection = Hottness
Boho Babe @littleblackboots  kicked weekend one off with this white hot look from our Cattleya Collection. This flowy maxi is perfect for summer, wether you're headed to the beach or on a desert road trip we've got the perfect piece for you!
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Amethyst Vibes


Namaste, Gypsies!

This is the first of many crystal posts for the G05 blog. We hope these little gems will give you a boost and bring some serenity and solace to your week.

This week we are focusing on amethyst.


Not only is amethyst one of the most popular quartz crystals you’ll find, but one of the most magnifying and vibrational. Found in many shades, hues, and patterns (such as the Chevron Amethyst), it is one of the most beautiful crystals. 


Embodying the violet flame energy, its powerful energy protects against sadness and grief. Amethyst also allows you to let go of any built up tension or aggression from the past to allow your inner-child to properly heal. Its loving violet energy dissolves anxiety, worry, and fear, and cleanses the negativity from your auric field.

This stone promotes for restful sleep and peaceful dreaming, as it allows you to quiet your mind and boost your overall health and spirituality. When using amethyst in your meditation it will open the third eye and help you to develop communication with your spirit guides and deepen the connection with your subconscious. I have found that this is the one stone, if I could pick any, I would have in my home. I have actively felt the cleansing, calming change of my environment (after all, we are creatures of habit, and our environment affects every aspect of our selves!) when I’ve just added a new amethyst

Check out our Robertson & Malibu stores to find your newest piece and peace be with you!


Margaux Perrier