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Blogger Cashmere and Tweed Reviews Gypsy05

Sydney Weinshel, blogger of Cashmere & Tweed was another one of our attendees at our Press Preview. We love her attention to detail in describing how our brand has transitioned and evolved. She states, "Gypsy expands their reach and updates their style by incorporating leather, tweed, and velvet to create more structured, architectural pieces.. Their newest innovation to their line is laser-cut designs. This adds to their new architectural outlook. The shorts and tank tops they use this technique on still adhere to the flow-y, bohemian style of the brand, but offer a constructive flair." And it seems as though she there is something about the sunshiny Southern California lifestyle that intrigues her because she took notice of that too.


Fashion Journalist Curated by Kiki Reviews Gypsy05 for

New York based fashion journalist Kiki Dhitavat was featured on for her review on Gypsy05's upcoming collections after attending our Press Preview alongside our Shop PR Team and Gypsy05 owners in our new trendy Tribeca showroom. She starts the article off by describing the scenery and decor of lit candles and scattered roses amongst champagne bottles. She also goes on to describe the beautiful vibrant colors, not only off the new Spring 2013 collection but of our use of decor with the new poofs from our home collection as well. While it sounds like there is a ton of buzz at the show, Kiki takes a moment to feel the fabrics and take note off the new prints. Read her full article here.


Luxe Fix Reviews the Gypsy05 Collection

Even though our Press Preview took place a couple weeks ago, there's still tons of buzz going around from our blogger and media attendees. Sol Kojababian of Luxe Fix is a fashion journalist and blogger who was able to come out and spend some time with us at the preview and absorb in the fun and free-spirited vibe at the Gypsy05 showroom complete with Osi and Dotan Shoham as well some members from our PR Team. While there has been so much positive feedback on the new grown up fabrics and aesthetic of the Fall 2013 collection, allow Luxe Fix and ourselves to share our excitement over what's to come around the corner for Spring 2013 as well! Staying true to the Southern California lifestyle, this collection is rich in beautiful vibrant colors, tie-dye and digital prints, as well as impeccable attention to detail with it's delicate laser-cut silk pieces. 

Sol, of Luxe Fix was so charmed by this collection, she went on to say "I know its crazy to think of summer when Los Angeles is experiencing an oddly cold winter but it will all be over sooner than you know it. Summertime is the best time and my favorite time. I could not help but be captured by the new 2013 collection from Gypsy05" She also goes on to say "Gyspy05 usually is my go to for beach inspired ensembles but they are adding a whole new array of pieces into their new collection including a number of sassy pant options." 

Thank you at Luxe Fix for a great re-cap and for noticing that Gypsy05 has evolved and expanded beyond being know for our amazing maxi dresses and developed into a complete collection.  



Gypsy05 featured on Andie Day Lifestyle Blog

Recently, Gypsy05 CEO and Designer Osi were in New York, alongside our PR Team to debut our Fall 2013 Collection at a Press Preview. Jana Free, a staff writer for Andie Day Lifestyle Blog was among the many attendees for this event. She only has good things to say and we're so glad she had a closer look into the Gypsy05 lifestyle and those so closely affiliated with it. Below you can find her article and kind words as she falls in love with Gypsy05's latest collection. 

She concludes her article by saying "Sometimes it’s difficult to find clothing manufacturers that are committed to the environment and produce stunning pieces at reasonable prices. The good news is the fashion industry is experiencing an increased number of brands and lines entering the market that feature beautiful dresses, yoga wear, casual wear, and even formal attire that looks good and is good to the planet. When you find an eco-friendly brand that you love, support them and their cause by purchasing their products and spreading the love to friends and family. More demand in the marketplace for organic and toxin-free clothing means more conscious apparel to choose from in the future."

Gypsy05 Participates In Cotton's 24 Hour Runway Show

Who's going to be in South Beach, Miami on March 1st + 2nd? We're participating in Cotton's 24 Hour Runway Show to display some of our fave pieces from our men's + women's collections that are made from cotton. JOIN US AT THIS FREE EVENT! Beginning on March 1st 8:00 P.M EST for 24 consecutive hours at Ocean Dr & 8th St Miami Beach, FL 33139. We'll be in the company of some great hosts from E! Entertainment including Guiliana and Bill Rancic, Michael Yo, and celebs Lauren Conrad and Camilla Belle.  


Blogger Miss Maves Loves Gypsy05

Beauty and Fashion blogger Teni Panosian of looks gorgeous in her Gypsy05 Amber High-Low Crewneck Sweater. She describes it as "the perfect spring sweater" and her "lastest fashion fix!" We are loving this piece just as much as she is! It is such a lightweight and transitional piece and has been a Gypsy fave this season!

Not only is this girl, super stylish and knowlegable in all things fashion and beauty, but she is also a huge advocate for "natural, cruelty-free alternatives to traditional product" as her blog states, so she was very impressed by Gypsy05's commitment in to environmental awareness by incorporating organic fabrics, soy softeners, low impact dyes into our collections. Thanks for the love girl!