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Nicky Hilton looks like a goddess in Gypsy 05's Elyse Crochet Detail Maxi

Nicky Hilton wearing Gypsy 05's Elyse Embroidered Maxi Dress while shopping in St. Tropez with big sis Paris.

Our longtime friend Nicky Hilton has been vacationing in St. Tropez with big sister Paris for the past few days and she of course wore Gypsy 05.  She was spotted walking the beautiful cobblestone streets in our Elyse Embroidered Maxi Dress in Antique Cream.  We love the dress on her and love Nicky but we are kinda on the fence about her hair.  Sadly this dress won't be hitting shelves until February of 2012 but we have some awesome pieces available on our website here:

Nikki Reed Wearing Gypsy 05's Carine Top Running Errands

Actress and total cutie Nikki Reed wore Gypsy 05's Carine Alligator Sheer Top out running some errands around Los Angeles.

Actress and screenwriter, Nikki Reed was spotted strolling around Los Angeles in Gypsy 05's Carine Alligator Sheer Top in Rose. Nikki is a super down to earth girl, I mean she drops off her own dry cleaning and picks up her own mail, shoot she still fly's coach! We know she is good friends with Alexa Vega (who was looking smoking hot at the Teen Choice Awards, btw) and we can't imagine a sweeter pair. We love this outfit on Nikki, the shoes, the shorts and our top are all working for you girl! Sorry to say this lovely top isn't going to be available until after the beginning of December but we have some similar pieces here:

Joel McHale Trying On Some Gypsy 05 for the Teen Choice Awards!

Joel McHale trying on some of his favorite Gypsy 05 pieces for the Teen Choice Awards


Joel in Gypsy 05's Beck Sweater        Joel in Gypsy 05's Hoodie


Joel McHale, comedian/actor, is known from his hosting duties on "The Soup" on E! and his acting in "Community" on NBC but who knew he was such an awesome fashion model.  We are thinking he should do it full time! If you want to at least look like Joel, cause it may be hard to be as cool as Joel, you can pick up some of the Gypsy 05 pieces that he really liked in his fitting for the Teen Choice Awards.  Stay tuned because Joel came back for more and wore a really cool piece to the Teen Choice Awards! 


Joel in Gypsy 05's Phys Ed Sweatshirt Joel in Gypsy 05's Vendetta Tee


Katy Perry's New Pink Hair Complemented by Gypsy 05's Circa Tube!

Katy Perry, fresh off her success as Smurfette in the Smurfs movie changed her blonde hair to pink and complimented it with Gypsy 05's Circa Tube Maxi Dress in Limeade.

Smurfette goes Pink! Katy Perry is a triple threat, she's a singer, songwriter, and actress but we think you can add style icon to that list! Her style has always been fun, colorful, and vintage so her falling in love with Gypsy 05 is no surprise! She debuted her newest hair color this week and it's a fabulous shade of pink! Of course when you have pink hair you need a complementary color in your dress and our Circa Tube Maxi Dress in Limeade is perfect for hers. We don't know anybody else who would have gone with this look but we think she looks absolutely hot!  We have some stock on this dress and will be making more for an approximate shipment date of September 15, 2011. Order it here:

Vanessa Hudgens' Gypsy 05 Weekend

Vanessa Hudgens enjoyed Gypsy 05 all weekend long!

Actress Vanessa Hudgens, had what can only be called a Gypsy 05 weekend.  Even we were a little surprised that she wore Gypsy 05 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Here's the timeline of her weekend as well as we could put it together.

Friday, Vanessa went to Homegoods and Party City wearing our very first pair of sweatpants, the Jen Sweatpants.  Vanessa looked great and comfortable a she was getting ready to celebrate something or someone; she seemed to have picked up some awesome party goodies, even giant balloon! Check out all our awesome sweatpants here:


Also on Friday, Vanessa reached out to her 3 million Facebook friends and showed off her new pixie hair cut as well as one of her newest finds from Gypsy 05, our Lupia Silk Maxi in Navy! It's not very often that celebrities express their gratitude toward their always supportive fans and we think Vanessa is very down to earth and sweet for making this video. This will be coming at the beginning of September!

On Saturday, Vanessa stepped out in our brand new Angelina Skirt in Tan to pick up some more party favors and looked all amazing and bedazzled!  We love this totally boho-beach-ready look! 


We love Vanessa's top although we think its actually a swimsuit, and Vanessa looks like she's ready for some fun! You too can get yourself ready for some fun and get the skirt on the Official Gypsy 05 website:   


Sunday was finally a relaxing day for Vanessa after all that party shopping and what is there better to do than to chill with your awesome friends at a cafe in our Love Sweatpants in Red.  We decided that these were so cool and she looked so relaxed in them that we needed to go ahead and redo them for a approximate August 20th delivery.  Pre-order yours now here: