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Zoe Saldana Hosted Gypsy 05 and Flaunt Magazine Dinner Party

Zoe Saldana Hosted Gypsy 05 and Flaunt Magazines "The Neo-Golden Age" Dinner Party!

Zoe Saldana is one of the hottest actresses around and we are super stoked that we were part of her Flaunt Magazine spread(see our post on that below).  She graciously accepted our offer to host our dinner party with Flaunt Magazine as well and we thought we would share a few images from the feast! She took her picture in front of her Gypsy 05 Flaunt Magazine photo and then posed for some with Luis Barajas, the Founder of Flaunt Magazine, Osi Shoham-Ettlinger, our Head Designer and Dotan Shoham, our CEO.  They all looked fab and totally had a blast! 


Gypsy 05 CEO Dotan Shoham(L), Zoe Saldana(C), Flaunt Magazine Founder Luis Barajas(R) 



Gypsy 05 CEO Dotan Shoham(L), Gypsy 05 Head Designer Osi Shoham(LC), Zoe Saldana(RC), Flaunt Magazine Founder Luis Barajas(R)


Behind The Scenes: Tate Ellington Wears Gypsy 05 On "The Kitchen"

Behind the scenes of Tate Ellington on the set of "The Kitchen" in Gypsy 05's Big In Japan Tee.

Sometimes we get requests from our movie friends to use Gypsy 05 in their movies and we always think its pretty neat to see some behind the scenes stuff before the movie even comes out!  This is from the movie "The Kitchen" and Christina, the costume designer, sent us a couple of pics of lead actor Tate Ellington in our Big In Japan Tee! We kinda prefer the pic from the craft services table, "Smooth Operator" indeed! You can get your own Big In Japan tee here:

Shannon Lucio's visit to the Gypsy 05 Headquarters

Shannon Lucio's visit to the Gypsy 05 Headquarters


This gorgeous Texas native developed a passion for performing during her senior year at high school while taking an acting class. She moved to California and a few years later graduated from USC. A little while after graduating Shannon's big break occured when she landed a role on the hit tv series on FOX called "The O.C" where she played Lindsay Gardner. Following her break break she guest starred on many more hit tv shows such as Prison Break, E.R., NYPD Blue, CSI Miami. We hope to see Shannon in many more shows as she has an amazing charcter and is so gorgeous! Those bottle green eyes and firey auburn hair, she just is stunning!  As you can see Bianca(in our Free Spirit Tee) and Shannon(in our Fiona Ruffle Tube Maxi Dress) were having a great time representing Gypsy 05. 


Check out what Shannon wrote to us on our "wall" of fame!  She is such an awesome young lady with great taste. We hope to see her blow up soon!

Behind The Scenes: Gypsy 05 Fall/Winter 2011 Campaign Shoot

Check out this exclusive behind the scenes video of our latest campaign photoshoot!  

Glitter Magazine Uses Plain Gypsyz by Gypsy 05

Glitter Magazine uses Gypsy 05's Plain Gypsyz as part of their back to school photoshoot.

Glitter Magazine is a new publication for girls 13-24 and we are super excited to be getting in on the ground floor with them.  They did a really cool back-to-school/fall photoshoot and used our Plain Gypsyz in Cream as part of it.  We think they look gorgeous on the model and they will look gorgeous on you! Pick up a pair on our website here:

Bollywood's Priyanka Chopra in Gypsy 05's Circa Maxi

Former Miss World and Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra wore Gypsy 05's Circa Maxi to hang out with Jay Sean.

Former Miss World and current hot Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra wore Gypsy 05's Circa Tube Maxi Dress in Limeade to Jay Sean's private dinner! She looked stunning and the color looked amazeballs on her.  Priyanka just signed a record deal with Universal Music Group and she's buds with Jay Sean who is on tour in India at the moment.  We like the clutch and hoop earrings she paired with the dress. Get your own dress here: