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Denise Richards wearing Gypsy 05 in the Bahamas!!!

Denise Richards wearing Gypsy 05 Lili Dress in the Bahamas!!!


Denise Richards who recently played Judy in the movie Cougar Inc and is probably best known for her role in the movie Wild Things was spotted in the Bahamas in our gorgeous Lili Ruffle Maxi Dress in Lavender.  This dress was perfect for her escape to the island and is great for anyplace the sun is shining. Denise, a mother of two, looks stunning in our dress.

The Lili Ruffle Maxi Dress is on presale at Gypsy 05 and you can get yours here:

"Alice In Chains" Jerry Cantrell Visits Gypsy 05!

"Alice In Chains" Jerry Cantrell visits Gypsy 05 and stocks up on mens sweats and tees!

Gypsy 05 certainly has a summery, hippie, bohemian appeal especially but we are also establishing our rock 'n roll cred!  Who better than Jerry Cantrell, lead guitarist of "Alice In Chains" to put us on the map?! Jerry met us over at the Grammy Style Studio and loved our clothes so much he had to come down to our warehouse to buy more! He was a super cool guy and loved our Over-Dye V-Neck Tee so much he had to wear it out of the warehouse! Justin, our Marketing Manager took this picture with him wearing it on his visit.  Jerry is currently on tour with "Alice In Chains" in support of their newest album Black Gives Way to Blue.

Our Over-Dye V-Neck Tee is available on the website here:

Fashion Show Models visiting Gypsy 05 HQ and having a ball!!

Los Angeles Fashion Week Models visiting Gypsy 05 and having a ball!!


So... everyone remembers the amazing Gypsy 05 fashion show right? The LA Fashion Week Fall Winter 2011 Fashion show? Well, the amazing, gorgeous, fabulous models that walked the runway of the show graced us with there presence here at the warehouse last week!  We gave them a little tour and had them personally picked out some items. When they saw the warehouse their eyes became enormous and their mouths dropped, it was like they were in a dream; the dream of endless rows of fabulous clothes! The Gypsy 05 team met the models, showed them around, and just had a grand old time. The amazing Amelia struck a pose with one of the models who showed up wearing our fabulous Gypsyz footwear! You can find all the Gypsyz here: 

Beverley Mitchell and Husband Pay A Visit to Gypsy 05 !!!

Beverly Mitchell and husband Michael Cameron paid a visit to Gypsy 05

Beverley Mitchell and husband Michael Cameron paid a visit to Gypsy 05 HQ last week and met the Gypsy 05 crew and had a private tour around our facilities here. Our wonderful Marketing Manager, Justin, personally showed Beverley and husband Michael around the warehouse.  Our head designer Osi met with the two of them and personally picked out some pieces for Beverley and Michael. They had a ball, Beverley walked in with the biggest smile on her face and is such a cheerful person. Beverley was amazingly kind and generous with the entire Gypsy 05 team and we are extremely happy that she is a fan. You rock Beverley!

Una Healy of "The Saturdays" Poolside in LA in Gypsy 05!

Una Healy in Gypsy 05 Lila Open Shoulder Mini Dress soaking up the LA sun poolside!


The UK pop group "The Saturdays" just can't get enough of Gypsy 05!  This time it was the lovely and super fit Una Healy soaking up the Los Angeles sun poolside in our Lila Open Shoulder Mini Dress.  Her smoking hot bod and bombshell red hair perfectly complemented our Lila Mini Dress in Bubble Wash Purple.  This amazing Irish singer/songwriter and guitarist was in LA with her band making their next video! We have this dress in solid Black:

Vanessa White from "The Saturdays" arriving at LAX in Gypsy 05!!!

Vanessa White of UK pop group "The Saturdays" arriving at LAX in Gypsy 05's Olivia Stripe Maxi Dress.


For all our UK fans: Vanessa White of "The Saturdays" was spotted arriving in Los Angeles in our Olivia Stripe Maxi Dress! She looked amazing especially considering she just came off a 12 hour flight!

For all our non-UK fans: Vanessa Karen White is a member of the UK-based and freakishly popular pop group "The Saturdays".  She was raised in London and attended the Sylvia Young Theatre School for performance arts.  Vanessa has an amazing voice and is often compared to many artists such as Alicia Keys, Beyonce and Christina Aguilera.  

Vanessa is full of energy and loves fashion, she definitely has got style and swagger!  She looks divine in our Olivia Stripe Maxi Dress in White arriving at LAX with the rest of her band "The Saturdays" To get your Olivia Stripe Maxi Dress, check it out here: 

The UK band: The Saturdays