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Shwayze Loves His Gypsyz!

It's official! It's still freezing. Our California blood is awfully thin for this 30 degree weather. There was a pretty sizeable snow storm yesterday, and I ran outside just long enough to snap this picture so you could see the giant snow flakes! We've managed to keep ourselves semi-warm with Gypsyz and Gypsy hoodies. Oh, and by the way, Gypsyz handle the snow well! In case anyone was wondering, I haven't worn anything else the entire time I've been here and my Gypsyz have kept me just so warm. Speaking of keeping warm....

Rap artist Shwayze and his absolutely precious Grandma stopped by our shop today to gear themselves up for the snowstorm outside. Lucky for them, Gypsyz will keep them nice and warm. The minute they put them on they were just hooked. But who isn't hooked after wearing them once? No one!


Pussycat Dolls Pay Gypsy 05 A Visit At Sundance.


We touched down in Park City for the Sundance Film Festival last night. Getting used the cold has been tricky, but we packed enough Gypsyz to keep our tootsies warm. We set up shop right on Main St in downtown Park City. Right in the middle of the action!  

Our girls from the Pussycat Dolls payed us a little visit to check out Gypsyz. Naturally, they fell in love. What a perfect way for them to keep warm on their way home from their performance tonight at the House Of Blues.


To keep up with all the Gypsy 05 happenings in Sundance, follow us on Twitter! I'll be live-tweeting from the event all weekend. (@gypsy05dotcom)



90210's AnnaLynne McCord Playing Around On Set in Gypsy 05!

AnnaLynne McCord on the set of her hit show 90210 wearing Gypsy 05's Bad Reputation Tee.

Our pal AnnaLynne McCord was photographed goofing around on the set of her hit TV show, 90210.  She was chilling between scenes and decided to relax in our oh so comfy Bad Reputation Tee.  If you want to escape the heat wave here in Los Angeles you should pick up this lightweight rocker-esque tee! 

You can find it here: 

Tori Spelling Follows up With Liam's Doctor in Gypsy 05

We here at Gypsy 05 are very proud to be a high-end fashion line that makes comfortable clothes! We are pleased that our friend Tori Spelling put on our Olivia Asymmetrical Tee when she went to follow up with her son Liam's doctor after he had a nasty fall because we are glad that we could provide a little bit of solace in her hour of need by giving Tori something cute and comfortable to wear. (Wow we sound super pretentious but we really are happy to provide people with comfortable fashion) The good news is that Liam is gonna be just fine!

If you like Tori's tee you can find it here:

Gypsy 05 is at Sundance! Follow all the action on our Twitter account!

Gypsy 05 is at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival!

Sarah, our illustrious and fabulous Marketing Manager is at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival along with our CEO, Dotan Shoham! We are doing a bunch of cool stuff there and Sarah will be live tweeting the entire experience with photos all weekend! Be sure to follow our Twitter account for all the action: 

Gypsy 05 in Coco Eco Magazine.

Women Of The Forest was the fashion editorial spread for this issues Coco Eco Magazine. Bold prints, bright head pieces and big hair were prominent in the shoot. The girls at Coco Eco fell in love with our Kate Collection and just had to get a part of the collection into the spread. They chose the silk sheer top to feature and it surely shined in the middle of the gorgeous forest. 

While this top isn't available immediately, we put it on presale so you can be sure to get yours right when it arrives!

Shop the presale here: