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Tori Spelling in Gypsy 05's Tube Dress while flea market shopping!


Tori Spelling is looking fantastic in Gypsy 05's Aiko Shoulderless Dress in Pitch while out flea market shopping with the family in Malibu!  Looks like she picked up some great kitschy pieces and had a blast. If you want to pick up your own version of this spectacularly comfortable dress check it out on our website here:

Gypsy 05 in Australian magazine New Weekly's 9/28/09 Issue

Gypsy 05 is lucky to have such a loyal and fantastic following in Australia!  We love that our spectacular Paloma and Talula Shoulderless Dress are featured in Australian magazine New Weekly's "dress of the moment" feature.  Alessandra is wearing the Talula in Black and Taylor is wearing the Paloma in Grey Rainbow.  Check them out on our website and get one for your future trip to Australia.

Paloma Shoulderless Dress:

Talula Shoulderless Dress:

Disney Channel star Jennifer Stone looks lovely in Gypsy 05!


16 year old Jennifer Stone of the Disney Channel show "Wizards of Waverly Place" looks super cute in Gypsy 05 at her promotional photo shoot!  Jennifer is wearing our Love Cut-off Sweatshirt and Sweatpants, our Shelly Poncho Hoodie, and our Jackie Oversize Tank.  She is such a sweet girl and we are so happy for her success.  You can get your own set of Jennifers favorite pieces on our website just follow the links below.

Love Cut-off Sweatshirt:

Love Sweatpants:

Shelly Poncho Hoodie:

Jackie Oversize Tank: Coming Soon!

New Gypsy 05 Kids Arrivals! New deliveries for fall!

Check out our new fall arrivals for the kids line!  We have some great sweatshirts, long sleeve tees, and pants for your little munchkins!  Check them out on our website here: Gypsy 05 Kids

Brand New Gypsy 05 Maxi Dress!

You can find the dress here:
You can find the necklace here:
You can find the bracelet here:

Question for our customers: What would you like?

Gypsy 05 is thinking of creating a cool promotional giveaway item (example Gypsy 05 beach towels) but we are scratching our heads about what you guys would want. Suggestions anyone?