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PARIS HILTON!! Roll out the red carpet, the queen is wearing Gypsy

Paris Hilton is the literal Queen of Hollywood and guess who she loves to wear. Thats right Gypsy 05 guys. Seen here in our new Alex Silk Tie-Dye Short Slip Dress seen here in Pink/Blue/White. Who needs robes when you can wear Gypsy 05 and look much sexier.  You can order your own at our website, HERE.


Roselyn Sanchez is one spicy pepper in our Ombre charcoal dress.

This Puerto Rican bombshell should only wear these dresses, man she is like a hot day in the arctic, she is melting it all. Seen here wearing our Ombre dress in charcoal. We likey....


STOP!! Audrina Partridge looking absolutely stunning in Gypsy05?

We have seen Audrina Partridge wearing Gypsy05 before, but come on. This should be stopping traffic. "The Hills" star is at boiling point right here. I might need to have a break after checking this photo out. The top doesn't look bad either.


Check out Ashlee Simpson in Gypsy05's NEW Sophia Dress

Look at that hot momma rockin' our new line of maxi dresses. She has to be the cutest pregnant lady we have ever seen.


Ashley Tisdale wearing Gypsy05's new sweatshits.

Look how amazing Ashley Tisdale looks here in Gypsy05. Our new line of Tori sweatshirts are going to be massive. Those shoulders say it all. P.S. Zac Effron isn't doing too bad himself..